Sunday, 27 December 2015

Wim Rietveld Wall Lamp

"Panama" industrial wall lamp designed by Wim Rietveld for Gispen. The Netherlands, 1955. Extends 50" x 16" diameter.

Henri Mathieu Light Fixture - sold

Stainless steel light fixture designed by Henri Mathieu. France, 1970. 16" diameter.

French Pendant Lamp

Stainless steel and chrome light fixture from France, 1960s. 17" diameter.

Wall Lamp

Wall lamp in aluminum and chrome with glass tubes. Germany, 1960s. Extends 11.5" x 14" high.

H. Busquet Wall Lamp - sold

Aluminum and enameled steel wall lamp designed by H. Busquet for Hala Zeist. Netherlands, 1960s. Adjustable arm extends to 37".

Wall Lamp - sold

Aluminum and chrome wall lamp with orange interior. Ntherlands, 1960s. Extends 10.5" x 10" high.

Chrome Wall Lamp

Chrome arc wall lamp by Phillips. Netherlands, 1970s. Extends 34".

Wall Lamp

Aluminum, chrome and painted metal wall lamp by Phillips. Holland, 1960s. Extends 26".

Scissor Lamp - sold

Teak scissor wall lamp from Scandinavia, 1960s. Extends to 38".

Monday, 21 December 2015

Hans Eichenberger Lamps - sold

Rare pair of adjustable chrome table lamps designed by Hans Eichenberger. Switzerland, 1960s. 28"-36" high.

Rosewood Coat Rack - sold

Geometric coat rack in rosewood and aluminum. Germany, 1960s. 40" x 33.5" x 9.75" deep.

Umbrella Holder - sold

Wall mounted rosewood and chrome umbrella holder. Netherlands, 1960s. 21.75" x 13.75" 6.25"deep.

Seguso Lamp

Murano glass lamp by Seguso. Italy, 1960s. base 14" high, with new shade 22" high.

Ilse Ammonsen Oil Lamp - sold

Solid brass oil lamp designed by Ilse Ammonsen for Daproma Design. Denmark, 1960s. 11" high.

Fohl Candle Holders - sold

Spring loaded candle holder in chrome and glass. Created by Fohl,Germany, 1960s. 10" high.

Marble Book Ends

Modernist marble book ends from Italy, 1960s. 6" x 4".
$125.00 pair

George Kovacs Lamps - sold

Chrome cylinder up lamps by George Kovacs. USA, 1960s. 15.25" high x 5.75" diameter.

Thursday, 17 December 2015

Kalmar Light Fxtures - sold

Ice light fixures in heavy glass on steel frames. By Kalmar, Austria, 1950s. 10" diameter x 21" drop.

Richard Braun Light Fixture

Five tier light fixture in enamel on steel. Attributed to Richard Braun, 1960s. 11" diameter.

Vistosi Light Fixture - sold

Light fixture with 24 glass discs hanging on a chrome frame. Attributed to Vistosi, Italy, 1960s.
14" diameter x 32" drop.

Louis Kalff Light Fixture - sold

Modernist light fixture in enameled steel and plastic. Designed by Louis Kalff for Phillips. The Netherlands, 1960s. 18" diameter.

Modernist Light Fixture - sold

Five tier light fixture in chrome with heavy glass shades. Germany, 1960s. 13" diameter x 44" drop.

JJM Hoogervorst Light Fixture

Counter balance light fixture in chrome and painted aluminum. Designed by JJM Hoogervorst for Anvia. Netherlands, 1960s. 40" x 24" drop.